Lucas Grant

Diron Jones

A desperate young man in his 20s, Lucas takes dangerous risks to overcome financial hardship, including confronting terrifying supernatural forces. Despite moments of doubt and fear, Lucas’s ambitious nature drives him to face harrowing trials and life-threatening entities for a chance at prizes and a better life.

Rachel Westenra

Madison Geiger

Rachel is a mysterious young girl who hosts a deadly supernatural challenge, putting participants through frightening trials with vengeful monsters for cash prizes. Sharp and stern beyond her years, she maintains an unnerving, secretive demeanor while enforcing strict rules and collecting entry fees from those who enter her high-stakes competition.

The Story

Strapped for cash and seeking a way out of his financial crisis, a desperate young man takes a dangerous gamble by entering a supernatural challenge that promises a fortune to anyone who survives a night locked in a basement with a ravenous vampire hellbent on blood; in order to claim the prize and solve his money woes, he must stay alive and obey the strict rules keeping the feral monster at bay until sunrise, but outlasting the vengeance-filled undead creature until morning will push him to his limits.